How to Get a Free Bonus From an Online Sportsbook

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Unlike traditional brick and mortar betting shops, online sportsbooks offer their players the chance to place wagers with real money. Many of these sites also offer a wide variety of promotions to attract and retain new customers. Some of these are quite generous in terms of the amount of free money offered, but they can come with some stipulations that should be carefully reviewed before taking advantage of the offers.

Most of the time, when a sportsbook refers to “free money”, it means that it will return a losing bet stake in the form of non-withdrawable bet credit. This is usually a limited-time offer and only applies to the first losing wager made by a customer.

In order to qualify for a bonus like this, the bettor must meet a minimum deposit requirement and a rollover or turnover requirement. The exact number of bets and the required odds must be met in order to receive the maximum value of the bonus. Some bonuses will also expire after a certain period of time, so it is important to read the fine print.

Other free money offers at sportsbooks will come in the form of a first-deposit match bonus. This is typically a percentage of the initial deposit, which can be up to $1,000. These are often easy to clear and have low rollover requirements. These are generally the best options for VIP players who want to take advantage of these offers.

Another way that sportsbooks try to lure customers is by offering special profit boosts for popular events. These are sometimes available for single-game wagers, and can be worth a shot. But they often have stipulations that make them less than ideal, such as having to bet a parlay or multiple games.

Lastly, some sportsbooks will offer free bets to existing customers. These are typically for specific wagers and have much lower minimum and maximum bet amounts than their matched-up counterparts. These are not as lucrative, but can be useful for those who don’t have the capital to make a larger wager on their own.

As the legal sports gambling industry continues to boom in the United States, competition between sportsbooks is fierce. This has lead to a proliferation of promotions that are designed to lure new customers and keep them coming back. While most of these promotions ultimately turn into cash, some require a higher turnover rate before becoming withdrawable. Some are even called free bets, but many of these have been changed to ‘bet credits’ as of 2023 to comply with responsible gaming regulations. Regardless of the term used, these are all great ways to test a new sportsbook before making a large investment. Using them wisely can help you get the most out of your experience. Bet responsibly, and have fun! 21+.